Jesrael Kohlhof

Administrative Coordinator

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Jesrael Kohlhof currently serves in the role of Administrative Coordinator for New Wine, New Wineskins. She deeply loves people, animals, and nature, and is continually amazed by the complexity of God and His creation. Jesrael lives to serve the Lord, and desires to do all things by His power alone. Her passion is seeing people come to live life grounded in Jesus Christ, knowing they will come to find stability in Him and flourish amidst the hardships of this life.

Jesrael and her husband, Ryan, reside in Clackamas Oregon, in an apartment adorned with rejected artwork and reclaimed eclectic furnishings. They enjoy reading, spending time with their pets, playing games and learning new things. Jesrael is currently working on her B.A in Psychology with a Minor in Bible and Theology. She is extremely grateful to work at New Wine, New Wineskins, where she gets to interact with many amazing people from different cultures, backgrounds and missions.