Mental Health

New Wine’s leaders and network see a growing need for consideration of mental health, including how to address conflict and cultivate resilience in the face of trauma. This subject interfaces with the various arenas that New Wine engages.

Reach out to New Wine for information on our conference proceedings titled “Mental Health: Building Bridges, Not Walls.” The aim of the conference was as follows: foster a healthy view of mental health from a Biblical standpoint; reduce stigma around mental health (specifically in the church); help those struggling to realize that they are not alone, and that others share in this struggle with thoughtful care; promote therapy and medicine as God-given gifts; provide helpful resources and networking opportunities; connect empathically with others through Jesus, the Wounded Healer; and infuse a profound sense of hope into the conversation. New Wine’s journal Cultural Encounters will be publishing an issue on this vitally important topic.

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“Our mission at Gateway Church is “Partnering With Jesus To Love People.” New Wine, New Wineskins has provided us with resources and insights that have enabled our people to be more effective in loving the culture and our neighbors. Through the forums on Mental Health, Science and the Church and Racism, we have been equipped to gently, compassionately, and clearly bring the message of the gospel in relational ways to the Parkrose area and to the city of Portland. We consider New Wine to be a vital partner in fulfilling the calling the Holy Spirit has given us.”

Pastor Tom Schiave, Gateway Church, Portland, OR