Sex, Sexuality, & Gender

Theological, social, and biological notions of gender and sexual identity are now more than ever at the forefront of deeply needed conversations. An overwhelming amount of information can combine with flaring tempers, making this an especially hard discussion to follow. New Wine provides resources to navigate these vitally important though polarizing topics. In addition to conferences, panels, and social media posts, Dr. Brad Harper’s book, co-authored with his son Drew Harper, Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son (Zeal Books, 2016), has already helped many. The book models New Wine’s values at key points.

Dr. Harper partners with Preston Sprinkle and The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender. New Wine has also collaborated with Carolyn Custis James, as well as Steve and Celestia Tracy and their organization Mending the Soul.

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