Church & Public Square

The church is called to be the triune God’s kingdom community. As such, it is not a private domain, but a public which engages other public spheres. These other public domains include the state and the market. The uncommon God leads Jesus’ people to be concerned for the common good and serve as a preserving (salt) and penetrating (light) influence in various settings. Christians are called to be ambassadors of God’s kingdom in pursuit of human flourishing. We desire to partner and support people whose calling is in governance and business as well as NGO enterprises.


“New Wine is a stirring example of effective and inspirational re-imagining of how to bring evangelical Christianity forward in a changed American culture–how to pull the faith out of the ruts and trenches of the culture wars. If this is what publicly applied Christianity is going to look like more and more in the years to come, expect more non-evangelicals and non-religious people to appreciate what their Jesus-following fellow citizens have to offer, and to recognize opportunities for new alliances and partnerships for the common good.”

Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist, USA Today