We provide education that highlights how participation in Christ’s life bears upon various forms of cultural engagement for the sake of individual and community transformation. New Wine’s theology of cultural engagement is modeled and taught through facilitated courses, forums, workshops, and mentorship/discipleship opportunities. As participants move through education and consultation in how to live out our motto of “building relational bridges through Jesus” in various and distinctive cultural contexts, there will be opportunity for personal and community transformation.

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In addition to our work in education, which features orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and orthopathy, we also provide consultation to individuals, churches, and other nonprofits and communities. Our work in consultation involves listening and learning, looking for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that an individual or community faces, asset mapping, and facilitating and assisting with implementation of a strategy for moving forward in pursuit of transformation.

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All New Wine efforts are aimed at personal and community transformation in keeping with our Mission, Vision, and Values and our Mustard Seed Communities paradigm.


“New Wine stretched me, grew me, and prepared me for greater impact in my ministerial setting. My boxes and paradigms were not only challenged, but I was afforded countless opportunities to engage new ideas and perspectives in real-world scenarios rich in diversity and culture. As a former New Wine New Wineskins intern, I was invited to participate and engage at even deeper levels as we sought to assess, strategize, and grow the institute. The time I spent with New Wine in varying capacities challenged me, changed me, and forever affected the azimuth of how and why I do what I do for Christ and culture.”

Will Haag, Capt USMC (Ret) Graduate of Multnomah Seminary Current DMin student at Seattle University


New Wine approaches life from a deep core in Trinitarian and biblical faith with an emphasis on diverse connections. God leads us to build bridges and set tables through Jesus in the Spirit for enriching exchanges and shared life around a great many pressing matters in our society. These areas of engagement are not exhaustive, but express New Wine’s keen passion to care for the common good in view of our uncommon God.

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New Wine Center for Integration and Cultural Engagement at Multnomah University and Seminary

For 23 years, The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins administered the New Wine Center for Integration and Cultural Engagement (NWICE), an official program at Multnomah University and Seminary. This partnership reflected a shared commitment to biblically informed, Christ-centered cultural engagement through courses, conferences, faculty initiatives, and student involvement on and off campus. Recently, Multnomah University has transferred the full New Wine program together with all of its assets to The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins.

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This forum features Dr. Dave Kresta and a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of panelists addressing economics, community, faith and the truth of Jesus walking down main street today.
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The discussion on mental health within the church and the community is a vital and most timely one to have in our current culture. Often conversations regarding mental health are marked by religious stigma. How should we, as the church, foster hope and connect empathetically with those struggling?
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New Wine, New Wineskins hosts conferences and events in-person and virtually. We share digital content via video, social media, podcast, blog, and our academic journal, Cultural Encounters. If you would like to get involved, we invite you to pray with us, donate to our nonprofit, and reach out if you are interested in volunteering.