John M. Perkins, Let Justice Roll Down

Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Martin Luther, On the Freedom of a Christian

Karl Barth, The Humanity of God

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison

James Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree

TF Torrance, The Mediation of Christ

Colin E. Gunton, The One, the Three, and the Many

Athanasius of Alexandria, On the Incarnation

Kazoh Kitamori, Theology of the Pain of God

Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Wounded Healer

Jonathan Edwards, The Nature of True Virtue

Rufus Burrow, Jr., God and Human Dignity: The Personalism, Theology, and Ethics of Martin Luther King, Jr.

R.N. Frost, High Pressure Zone SpiritualityCultural Encounters, Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 2007, pp. 65-80

Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture

Published by The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins at Multnomah University and Seminary

Paul Louis Metzger, New Wine Tastings: Theological Essays of Cultural Engagement, (Cascade, 2011).

Paul Louis Metzger, Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church, (Eerdmans, 2007).

General Mental Health Resources

Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Also look for your local chapter NAMI.

FaithNet Resources

From NAMI.

JED Foundation

Helping provide teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy, thriving adults.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


SAMSHA Faith Based Initiatives and Resources

HHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

“The Partnership Center”

Compassion in Action: A Guide for Faith Communities Serving People Experiencing Mental Illness and Their Caregivers

From HHS

Mental Health and Faith Community Partnership

From the American Psychiatric Association

Includes free downloads:

Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders

Quick Reference Guide on Mental Health for Faith Leaders

Trauma-Informed Care

Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks: An 8-week Bible Study for Small Groups in Trauma-Informed Ministry and Compassionate Outreach to Individuals with Adversity in Childhood

by Chris Haughee

Becoming a Trauma-Informed Faith Community

from Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Suicide Prevention and Postvention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

After a Suicide: Recommendations for Services and Other Public Memorial Observances

from SPRC

American Foundation for Suicidology

National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance)

The nation’s public-private partnership for suicide prevention

Action Alliance’s Resources for Faith Communities

Oregon Health Authority Suicide Prevention Resources

Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Wounded Healer: Ministry in Contemporary Society.

Quiet Waters Outreach

Faith based non-profit serving adults with intellectual and physical disabilities

Every Body Athletics

Non-profit serving adults with intellectual and physical disabilities

Guidelight (formally The Elisha Foundation)

 Nonprofit networking organization and service to families and churches dealing with disabilities

The National Fragile X Foundation

Science resource for people affected with Fragile X Syndrome

Rodney Clapp, Naming Neoliberalism: Exposing the Spirit of Our Age (Fortress Press, 2021)

Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, with an introduction by Robert K. Merton (Vintage Books, 1964).

David T. Koyzis, Political Visions & Illusions: A Survey & Christian Critique of Contemporary Ideologies, 2nd ed., with a foreword by Richard J. Mouw (IVP Academic, 2019).

David C. Kresta, Jesus on Main Street: Good News through Community Economic Development, with a foreword by Paul Louis Metzger (Cascade Books, 2021).

Paul Louis Metzger, “Downward Mobility and Trickle-Up Economics: A Trinitarian Reflection on Money and Power,” Presentation for the Carl F. H. Henry Center at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, February 2013; (Free download)

John M. Perkins, Beyond Charity: The Call to Christian Community Development (Baker Books, 1993).

Michael J. Sandel, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012).

William F. Storrar, Peter J. Casarella, and Paul Louis Metzger, eds., A World for All?: Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (Eerdmans, 2011).

John R.W. Stott, Mission: Rethinking Vocation, with a foreword by Steve Garber (Regent College Publishing, 2019).