New Wine Leader Initiatives

New Wine is a community of people. As our website makes clear, we as a community are committed to building relational bridges through Jesus in contemporary culture. This requires being able to navigate liminal spaces. Liminality conveys being on a threshold, which can include physical, psychological, and relational migrations. The kingdom of God entails the sense of liminality–“now” and “not yet.” The kingdom of God is here, and yet it awaits consummation. We are a people on the way, seeking to foster diverse unity. The various initiatives that will be featured at this page are initiatives of New Wine leaders and how they are building relational bridges between various  people in our increasingly polarized contemporary culture through Jesus in pursuit of wholeness. They provide insights and access points intended to serve as catalysts for missional engagement in liminal spaces. You also have the opportunity to interact with them on their work in pursuit of your own calling in related spheres of ministry. Their contact information is provided.

Dr. Will Haag’s initiative