New Wine, New Wineskins hosts conferences and events in-person and virtually. We share digital content via video, social media, podcast, blog, and our academic journal, Cultural Encounters. If you would like to get involved, we invite you to pray with us, donate to our nonprofit, and reach out if you are interested in volunteering.

We host events and conferences in-person and virtually.

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Take a Course

A number of moderated courses are currently in development and will be available soon.

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We offer opportunities for you to volunteer at conferences and events, spread the word, and pray for New Wine.

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With the support of the New Wine community members like you, we are able to move our vision into reality. It is through your engagement, prayers, and financial support that we are able to continue with education, consultation, and transformation in His name. You can make a tax-deductible donation online.

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Pray with us

We ask you to pray for us that we live into our mission, vision, and values and that we provide the kind of education and consultation that honors Jesus and leads to transformation that builds the church and benefits the common good.

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