If the Gospel of Jesus is a bridge, New Wine, New Wineskins is scouting the far shore. The importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. Attend one of the conferences and see for yourself.

Donald Miller, author, Blue Like Jazz

Maximize—Don’t Marginalize, Week 2 – End-of-Life Care: Wounded Healers

End-of-Life Care: Wounded Healers with Dr. Robert Lyman Potter. This session will focus on medical ethics and advocacy for the most important party at any dying individual’s bedside—the dying person. All other stakeholders must come to share in their struggle as support givers who are “wounded healers."


Maximize—Don’t Marginalize, Week 5 – Race and Policing: Black and Blue Lives Matter

Race and Policing: Black and Blue Lives Matter with Chaplain Paul Lyda and Pastor Cliff Chappell. This session will seek to account for various injustices, including how we all too easily minimize people based on their skin color or the badge and uniform they wear. We need to ‘police’ our societal structures so that we can move to protect one another—black lives and blue lives—and enhance justice and dignity for all.

Maximize—Don’t Marginalize, Week 6 – LGBTQ+ Youth: Fostering Care Close to Home

LGBTQ+ Youth: Fostering Care Close to Home. This session will bring together those of affirming and non-affirming theological positions to care for the hurting, in this case gay youth. The common denominator of human dignity and decency must take precedence, as in the case of the Samaritan in Jesus’ account of neighbor love in Luke 10.