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“The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins is at the cutting edge of today’s holistic ministry movement. And because it’s connected to a Christian University and Seminary, it’s in a great position to challenge future leaders. I am highly impressed.”

Dr. John M. Perkins, John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation

“If the Gospel of Jesus is a bridge, New Wine, New Wineskins is scouting the far shore. The importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. Attend one of the conferences and see for yourself.”

Donald Miller, Author, Blue Like Jazz

“New Wine is a stirring example of effective and inspirational re-imagining of how to bring evangelical Christianity forward in a changed American culture–how to pull the faith out of the ruts and trenches of the culture wars. If this is what publicly applied Christianity is going to look like more and more in the years to come, expect more non-evangelicals and non-religious people to appreciate what their Jesus-following fellow citizens have to offer, and to recognize opportunities for new alliances and partnerships for the common good.”

Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist, USA Today

“New Wine, New Wineskins of Multnomah Biblical Seminary is a refreshing and practical project that is responsive to the needs of students, church leaders, and eager learners of all kinds. The seminars, retreats, and other programs are created with the goal of bringing the life-world of theological thinking into direct contact with the mystery of ordinary daily existence. New Wine, New Wineskins can orient, guide and motivate your life toward spiritual encounters with the best of mature leaders in the evangelical Christian tradition. I have never been disappointed, whether as a presenter or a participant, in the quality programs of New Wine, New Wineskins.”

Robert Lyman Potter, M.D. Ph.D. is Senior Scholar Emeritus for the OHSU Center for Healthcare Ethics, Portland, OR

“Working with the people of New Wine, New Wineskins as a science adviser for their AAAS Science for Seminaries grant let me come to understand their approach to the relationship between religion and science. New Wine has a foundation in faith that is so confident that it can freely engage in deep conversation about complicated issues with mainstream scientists or anyone else. New Wine has a commitment to serving young people by engaging with modern issues that raise troubling questions, often ones with significant scientific components, recognizing that trying to ignore those issues is not the same thing as solving them. New Wine promotes a reciprocal atmosphere of humility at all of its conferences, saying that dialogue must be safe and open for it to be fruitful. I was hoping to bring something of value to the Science for Seminaries efforts, but I think I ended up getting more from my interactions with New Wine than I provided. New Wine is a remarkable organization and one well worth paying attention to.”

Dr. Steven A. Kolmes, Molter Chair in Science, University of Portland

“As a former intern and now participant and New Wine Fellow I could not miss the opportunity to express my support, endorsement, and deep commitment to New Wine.

From day one Dr Metzger and New Wine had a lasting impact on my life. Coupled with my theological education, my time at New Wine provided the opportunity to put my theological insight into action—it allowed my word to become deed. Through New Wine I was not only taught how to, but given the opportunity to participate in, the building of the beloved community of Christ.

New Wine is the beautiful and intoxicating blend of intellectual and spiritual truth. New Wine is the outpouring of Jesus’ life as it provides the way to engage society. Through the teaching, sharing of life, asking of questions, dialogues, conferences, etc. New Wine seeks to bear witness to Jesus as Jesus’ incarnational performance is the primary example as to how we are to participate within society as bearers of His light.

Now more than ever New Wine is necessary so that we (followers of Christ) might have the necessary tools to rage against the dying of the light. New Wine is not a ministry but a missional movement that can (and hopefully will) transform the course of history today. But such impact will only be realized through radical and bold leadership… this is why I choose to be a part of New Wine and the work of Dr. Paul Metzger and the rest of New Wine’s leadership.”

Matthew A. Farlow Ph.D. (St. Andrews University, Scotland)
Asst Professor of Pastoral Ministry & Community Development, Multnomah University
Community Engagement Catalyst, New Wine, New Wineskins

“New Wine, New Wineskins is doing the important and visionary work of building relational bridges inside and outside the local church. In November of 2017 our congregation, St. Matthew Lutheran Church (ELCA), hosted an open and gracious dialogue (Saved by Grace, Pt.2) between Mormon and Evangelical Christian leaders in the Portland-area which challenged and blessed those in attendance. At the very least, people gained more information about the beliefs of “others,” while also gleaning a greater appreciation for their own faith traditions. Even better, it provided opportunity to pursue shared ministry goals across institutional lines. I would commend this ministry to anyone seeking to become more aware of and involved with issues of justice, advocacy, theological engagement, ecumenical partnerships, and multi-faith dialogue with others from all walks of life.”

Rev. Paul S. Lyda, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Beaverton, OR

“Our mission at Gateway Church is “Partnering With Jesus To Love People.” New Wine, New Wineskins has provided us with resources and insights that have enabled our people to be more effective in loving the culture and our neighbors. Through the forums on Mental Health, Science and the Church and Racism, we have been equipped to gently, compassionately, and clearly bring the message of the gospel in relational ways to the Parkrose area and to the city of Portland. We consider New Wine to be a vital partner in fulfilling the calling the Holy Spirit has given us.”

Pastor Tom Schiave, Gateway Church, Portland, OR

“New Wine stretched me, grew me, and prepared me for greater impact in my ministerial setting. My boxes and paradigms were not only challenged, but I was afforded countless opportunities to engage new ideas and perspectives in real-world scenarios rich in diversity and culture. As a former New Wine New Wineskins intern, I was invited to participate and engage at even deeper levels as we sought to assess, strategize, and grow the institute. The time I spent with New Wine in varying capacities challenged me, changed me, and forever affected the azimuth of how and why I do what I do for Christ and culture.”

Will Haag, Capt USMC (Ret) Graduate of Multnomah Seminary Current DMin student at Seattle University

“I feel one of the largest questions that often goes through the mind of a modern-day disciple of Jesus Christ is, ‘How do I engage cultural issues through a Christological paradigm?’ On Sunday mornings and in smaller group settings or conferences complex issues are often boiled down to an oversimplified scenario in order to give a palatable response. Unfortunately issues are complex in our world and cultural engagement while adhering to our theological convictions is difficult. It takes hospitality, grace and humility to approach these issues in a way that honors both God and those who bear His image. New Wine doesn’t shy away from complex issues that our culture faces and provides instruction and space to engage these issues in a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment. New Wine has not only provided training and opportunity for me to engage these complex issues personally but has also given me resources and encouragement to do so back in my local church context as well. We live in a time when the gap between our held theology and the cultural issues our world faces can seem too wide but New Wine, New Wineskins provides the Jesus-centered bridge between these two worlds and gives practical tools designed to enable the serious Christ-follower to live into the present Kingdom of Heaven as one in the world but not of it.”

CJ Young, Associate Pastor Adventure of Faith Church Port Orchard, WA, Graduate of Multnomah Seminary

“The 21st century West is undergoing rapid cultural change which poses serious challenges for the church. New Wine, New Wineskins is an important resource in navigating this landscape. Christians can draw upon this important resource with confidence. The right the prescription for our times.”

John W. Morehead
Director, Multifaith Matters/Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy Book Review Editor, Cultural Encounters—A Journal for the Theology of Culture

“Identification: New Wine helps me to identify things that matter, and maintain a deep conviction rooted in God’s love. Articulation: New Wine helps in articulating my convictions in a language that is theologically sound and culturally relevant. Participation: New Wine facilitates various models of engagement for the things that matter in my personal life and in the communities at large.”

Sam Titus, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.A. Biblical Studies, Graduate of Multnomah Seminary

“We are excited here in Greensboro, NC to partner with the organization and people of New Wine. While we find ourselves in a different region of the country with a much different culture than the Pacific Northwest, our experience has shown us that New Wine is amply equipped to help Christ-followers in any context engage their local community with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. We have great hope in what the Lord will do as we continue to build relationships with our local churches, universities, government, and marketplace. We also believe New Wine will continue to be instrumental in partnering with us in prayer, building a plan for strategic engagement, and the many other facets of sharing the gospel here in our local context. This is a partnership which has brought great encouragement and resources, and for which we are extremely grateful.”

Tripp Graziano, Church of the Redeemer, Greensboro, NC

“New Wine has been a confirmation that the gospel of Christ transforms lives and relationships. Witnessing New Wine’s efforts to disciple and support students of God—young and older—to seek the truth of His word and love has been redeeming in an age of division and hopelessness. I am thus grateful for New Wine’s consistent openness to partnering with churches. By partnering, our church was able to offer two thought provoking and high quality speakers we would otherwise not have connected to our church community. Nothing is as relevant and needed as the truth of God, and New Wine is committed to offer diverse experiences with that truth.”

Insil Kang, Village Baptist Church, Beaverton, OR

“The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins was a huge part of my decision to attend Multnomah Biblical Seminary. It is essential that believers participate in the culture and people around them, especially when while pursuing Christian higher education, instead of retreating into our own camps. New Wine helped me find my people. It is such a gift to be surrounded by men and women who are actively seeking out how to follow after Jesus, especially in areas of tension. My engagement with New Wine has given me an opportunity to wrestle with and flesh out what I’m learning in my classes in the challenges and grit of real life.”

Jazmin Miller, Former New Wine Student Coordinator

“My experience with New Wine, New Wineskins is central to my formation and growth as a theologian and a person. The community of fellow scholars and practitioners and passionate followers of Christ provides me a place to grow, be challenged, and the opportunity to exercise my gifts and passions. Most importantly, through New Wine, New Wineskins I gained mentors and friends. We are privileged to mutually support each other as we strive to follow Christ in our world.”

Sara Mannen, Graduate of Multnomah Seminary

“New Wine New Wineskins is a ministry that, although complex and academic, was deeply intuitive for me. For New Wine and myself, God is both relational and acutely present, not only in my small corner of the world but in all spheres and at all times. New Wine taught me to listen for that Spirit, feel and hear Him in others and respond to His call on my life. Through New Wine I learned to see God as not only a helper but as active in political, social, relational, and global realities. This also taught me that I do not own or control God, nor does my white homogeneous experience or expression of Him contain Him. This process of deconstruction is ongoing for me in my marriage, work, community and in raising my three daughters in the most diverse city, in the most diverse county in Oregon.”

Rachel O’Brien Halbach, Secondary Educator of Literature, ESL Instructor, Community Lactation Educator, and Graduate of Multnomah Seminary

“For me, New Wine is a sojourning community, willing to traverse the margins and out-lands. New Wine matters to me because I’ve found a family in fellow travelers.”

Tony Huynh, New Wine Intern

“New Wine has been a Refuge for me, a place where I can engage the world around me but also be safe to express the things that God had placed in my heart. In today’s world we are told to fit into little boxes and label them, but at New Wine, I have found an outlet to ask questions and push myself to wrestle with God, facing towards Him and pushing into Him.”

Sara Barger, New Wine Intern and Former Evangelical-Buddhist Dialogue Potluck Coordinator

“New Wine has been a great facet for discussing issues of oppression and tension between the church and society, applying Christian faith and theology. It has been such a blessing to work alongside other Christians who are passionate about God, people, and justice.”

Mara Enciu, New Wine Intern

“New Wine, New Wineskins has been a profound gift to me as New Wine, a community that dedicates to building relational bridges through Jesus, (rather than burning them), has joined hand-in-hand with my rough and rugged ways to do theology and life together, in the tension and messiness. New Wine welcomes in dialogue that brings us face-to-face with that of which we do not want to face, and to live into a beloved, broken-yet-mending community.”

Beatrix Li, New Wine Intern

“New Wine has given me a place where is free to wrestle with these questions in a context of a Christian community where we do not force our theologies on to each other, but we exhort each other to dive deeper into what the Bible says about our questions.”

Alex Landry, New Wine Intern