New Wine Uncorked – Community Through the Individual: Caring for You by Caring for Me

In this episode of New Wine UnCorked, Phil, Matt, and Jim continue the ongoing dialogue of faith and life by examining the truth of our created community in light of self-care. That is, if it is true that the human is created in the image of a God who is relational, what then are the implications for life, for church, for our engagement of the world? How does the Christian dialogue with the world without being tainted by the world? Dialogue is the truth of participation as dia via Latin from Greek dia-logos invokes a participatory conversation. It is interactive. From dia “through” + legein “speak.” Going through the Word so to engage through our word, Phil, Jim, and Matt seek to uncork the impossible possibility of the human and our pursuit of this Uncommon God so to realize our common good. Recorded live on Fridays at 10am (PST) New Wine UnCorked seeks to step into culture with a heart bent towards engagement, reconciliation, and relationship.