Cultural Encounters 16.2 – On Disabilities: The Need to Disable Isolation and Foster Belonging

Cultural Encounters Volume 16, Number 2

This latest issue of Cultural Encounters—A Journal for the Theology of Culture invites the church to reframe our thinking and imagi­nation so that we move beyond exclusion, and even inclusion, to a cruciform sense of belonging. Cruciform belonging involves dying to privileging societal notions of normalcy known as “ableism.” Rather, we must amplify and highlight the vital contributions of those we often marginalize because of “real” or “perceived” disa­bilities.

This issue includes:


Brian Brock – Autism and the Image of God: On Becoming a Mobile and Reproductive Church

 Erik W. Carter – Incomplete Without You: Research on Disability, Inclusion, and the Church

 Jimi Calhoun – Disability in a Space-Time Continuum of Love

 Ruben Alvarado – Shalom on Earth as It Is in Heaven


 Paul Louis Metzger – Beyond Ableism and Its Cult of “Normalcy”: An Interview with Andrew Picard

Book Reviews

 Michael Gurney – Jesus the Great Philosopher: Rediscovering the Wisdom Needed for the Good Life by Jonathan T. Pennington

Domani Hintze-Pothen – Beguiled by Beauty: Cultivating a Life of Contemplation and Compassion by Wendy Farley

Clifford B. Anderson – Mijn Kuyper: Gesprekken over Geloof, Politiek, en Cultuur [My Kuyper: Conversations on Faith, Politics, and Culture] by Agnes Amelink

 John W. Morehead – The QAnon Deception: Everything You Need to Know About the World’s Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory by James A. Beverley

 Lynsey Stepan – Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible: A Literary and Cultural Study by Matthew J. Lynch