Come to Seminary in Portland: Join the Doctor of Ministry in Cross-Cultural Studies with New Wine, New Wineskins and Multnomah University and Seminary Today

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“My experience within the Cross-Cultural Engagement Cohort under the leadership of Dr. Paul Louis Metzger amazed me. I discovered my own teaching material matched Trinitarian theology in a way which only affirmed and excited me and I realized the Holy Spirit speaks within hearts wherever we teach! My fellow students challenged me every step of the way with unique and differing perspectives which we all need but which I found stimulating and educational. My outlook toward those different from me in opinion, race, gender and culture broadened ending in a rich appreciation for such differences removing tendencies toward suspicion, threat or fear. Much of what I have learned has now been brought into my classroom and will hopefully, one day, become an entire separate class that I will offer each year.”

Jody Bormuth, D.Min., Professor, Pacific Bible College


“As I reflect back over the past three years, the impact that the DMin program in the Cross-Cultural track has had on me is more than profound.  I am without adequate words to fully express my experience and gratitude.  I want to first thank my Lord Jesus Christ for His love poured into me; second to thank my cohorts for their wisdom, love, patience, challenges and fellowship; and third, with the utmost gratitude, I thank Dr. Paul Louis Metzger for his wisdom, insights, knowledge and guidance.  The Cross-Cultural Engagement Track of the D.Min. Program has prepared me as an ambassador of Jesus Christ to engage the many cultures of today with His Love.  I highly recommend and endorse this study.”

Pastor Cliff Chappell, Doctoral Candidate, District Superintendent in the Church of God in Christ, Portland, OR.

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“Jesus connected me with the Cross-Cultural Engagement track at Multnomah Seminary in Portland, OR at a time when I felt alone while serving in an ‘outpost’ ministry as prison chaplain, struggling to serve God away from the support and comforts of the local church. As my fellow cohort members and I took our doctoral studies to heart, Christ met me and strengthened me. Throughout the Cross-Cultural Engagement coursework we learned how to reach minority cultures and hard-to-reach religions with the Good News of the gospel, by loving and serving among them as Jesus would. As a result many have come to know Christ and have been baptized. Black, white, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Mexican, and others have found their peace in Jesus Christ, and diverse local church congregations inside the prisons have been birthed and have grown.”

Joseph Luce, D.Min., author of “Prison Chaplaincy and Christian Engagement in Multi-faith Culture – a Ministry Project.”


“I’d recommend the DMin Cultural Engagement track to anyone seeking to be an effective communicator of the gospel in our pluralistic and multicultural society. Having an ability to honorably contend for Christian convictions in settings where biblical faith is not already assumed is a necessary skill for ministers and churches today. The models for cultural engagement that the non-Christian world sees in American Christianity are most often extremist and fall flat if they find an audience at all. This Cohort will challenge your assumptions and make you a much better advocate, disciple, and leader within your ministry setting.”

Rev. Chris Haughee, D.Min., Chaplain at Intermountain Residential.

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