New Wine, New Wineskins

New Wine, New Wineskins exists to mobilize local churches and other Christian organizations to share effectively the good news of the Father, Son and Spirit’s just love and peace, foster meaningful dialogue with diverse communities, and identify and serve marginalized populations against the backdrop of increasing cultural divisions. New Wine provides consultation and training in such difficult areas as race and class, sexuality and gender, faith and science, and religious pluralism. The goal of New Wine’s work is to help equip generations of Jesus’ followers to extinguish hate, intolerance and misunderstanding and maximize grace and truth for human flourishing in our world today.

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Building Relational Bridges Through Jesus in Contemporary Culture

While speaking out against the status quo of his day, Jesus referred to himself, his message, and its recipients as new wine poured out into new wineskins: Jesus was scandalous and intoxicating.

“No one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out, and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins.”

Luke 5:37-38

Jesus is still scandalous and intoxicating. The problem is that we who claim to follow him—no matter our status or stage in life—are so prone to pour the new wine of his life and word into the old rotten skins of “Churchianity” that cannot contain it, ruining both in the process.


Transforming the church’s conflicts, both within the church and with the surrounding culture, into opportunities for unity through the Triune God’s grace and truth.


Jesus’ followers will be known for their healing impact in matters of cultural conflict and their support of marginalized people.

Our Values

  • Love Reflecting the posture of the Father, Son and Spirit (the Triune God) in engaging culture.
  • Truth Articulating a biblical understanding of God, humanity, and creation.
  • Civility Approaching areas of conflict with tenacious grace and an inquisitive posture.
  • Common Good Pursuing diverse partnerships in areas of conflict with others from across the cultural spectrum for human flourishing.
  • Advocacy Following God’s command to care for all manner of marginalized people groups.

We host events and conferences in-person and virtually.

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New Wine is a community of people whose aim is to build relational bridges through Jesus in contemporary culture.


New Wine provides education and consultation in pursuit of transformation so that we live into the fullness of Jesus’ kingdom community in the world.


New Wine, New Wineskins creates content and captures events and activities that aim at featuring God’s great love for the world in and through Jesus in the Spirit.


New Wine, New Wineskins is a community of learners, seeking greater understanding of our faith, the broader culture, and how the two can meet to create vibrant and equitable communities.

Get Involved

New Wine, New Wineskins hosts conferences and events in-person and virtually. We share digital content via video, social media, podcast, blog, and our academic journal, Cultural Encounters. If you would like to get involved, we invite you to pray with us, donate to our nonprofit, and reach out if you are interested in volunteering.