For 18 years, New Wine has dedicated itself to building relational bridges through Jesus in contemporary culture, and to living out the truth of the gospel by inviting people to the table to build relationships. We want everyone to go through--rather than stop short or go around--their convictions.

The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins is at the cutting edge of today’s holistic ministry movement. And because it’s connected to a Bible College and Seminary, it’s in a great position to challenge future leaders. I am highly impressed.
— Dr. John M. Perkins, President, John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation & Development

If the Gospel of Jesus is a bridge, New Wine, New Wineskins is scouting the far shore. The importance of this ministry cannot be overstated. Attend one of the conferences and see for yourself.
— Donald Miller, author, Blue Like Jazz

New Wine is a stirring example of effective and inspirational re-imagining of how to bring evangelical Christianity forward in a changed American culture–how to pull the faith out of the ruts and trenches of the culture wars. If this is what publicly applied Christianity is going to look like more and more in the years to come, expect more non-evangelicals and non-religious people to appreciate what their Jesus-following fellow citizens have to offer, and to recognize opportunities for new alliances and partnerships for the common good.
— Tom Krattenmaker, Columnist, USA Today

The Institute for Cultural Engagement: New Wine, New Wineskins was a huge part of my decision to attend Multnomah Biblical Seminary. It is essential that believers participate in the culture and people around them, especially when while pursuing Christian higher education, instead of retreating into our own camps. New Wine helped me find my people. It is such a gift to be surrounded by men and women who are actively seeking out how to follow after Jesus, especially in areas of tension. My engagement with New Wine has given me an opportunity to wrestle with and flesh out what I’m learning in my classes in the challenges and grit of real life.
— Jazmin Miller, New Wine Student Coordinator

My experience with New Wine, New Wineskins is central to my formation and growth as a theologian and a person. The community of fellow scholars and practicioners and passionate followers of Christ provides me a place to grow, be challenged, and the opportunity to exercise my gifts and passions. Most importantly, through New Wine, New Wineskins I gained mentors and friends. We are privileged to mutually support each other as we strive to follow Christ in our world.
— Sara Mannen, New Wine Intern
For me, New Wine is a sojourning community, willing to traverse the margins and out-lands. New Wine matters to me because I’ve found a family in fellow travelers.
— Tony Huynh, New Wine Intern

New Wine has been a Refuge for me, a place where I can engage the world around me but also be safe to express the things that God had placed in my heart. In today’s world we are told to fit into little boxes and label them, but at New Wine, I have found an outlet to ask questions and push myself to wrestle with God, facing towards Him and pushing into Him.
— Sara Barger, New Wine Intern, Evangelical-Buddhist Dialogue Potluck Coordinator

New Wine has been a great facet for discussing issues of oppression and tension between the church and society, applying Christian faith and theology. It has been such a blessing to work alongside other Christians who are passionate about God, people, and justice.
— Mara Enciu, New Wine Intern

New Wine, New Wineskins has been a profound gift to me as New Wine, a community that dedicates to building relational bridges through Jesus, (rather than burning them), has joined hand-in-hand with my rough and rugged ways to do theology and life together, in the tension and messiness. New Wine welcomes in dialogue that brings us face-to-face with that of which we do not want to face, and to live into a beloved, broken-yet-mending community.
— Beatrix Li, New Wine Intern

New Wine has given me a place where is free to wrestle with these questions in a context of a Christian community where we do not force our theologies on to each other, but we exhort each other to dive deeper into what the Bible says about our questions.
— Alex Landry, New Wine Intern


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