Partnering with the church to participate in Jesus’ life in our neighborhoods, cities, and beyond

We equip the Church to act in a theologically informed way about all of life

At New Wine we wrestle with rethinking how to communicate the unchanging message of Christ in an ever-changing culture in a nuanced and holistic manner. This requires keeping one finger on the pulse of the Bible and another on the bold print of the daily news. New Wine provides forums for educating the Church to speak meaningfully to the current concerns of their communities and to the broader culture — from Hollywood to Harvard to the board room of the New York Times. Drawing from Jesus' metaphor, our desire is to see the new wine—the truth of the ancient Gospel story—poured into the new wineskins of the lives of people in today's culture.

We embrace a theology of cultural engagement

New Wine imparts a vision for holistic education to the whole person in a globalized world. New Wine makes known how the message of the gospel heightens our awareness of the pressing concerns, needs, and injustices facing our culture by listening to the faithful voices of our cultures, not by a theological imperialism that imposes one approach over another . New Wine motivates by going beyond merely informing to inviting people to respond, inspiring them take ownership. Lastly, New Wine mobilizes by offers inroads into resolving problems by engaging relationally in internships, conferences, workshops, cross-cultural dialogues, New Wine Tastings, and its journal, Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture.