Trauma and Resilience - Plenary Sessions

By Derrick Peterson

Our Trauma and Resilience conference felt like a resounding success to us! We had well over 300 people attend (!) and the discussions stimulated by the presenters were refreshing. We certainly hope that they carry on well beyond the conference.

If you weren't able to attend, have no fear! While we will be linking to the audio of each workshop, we have here for you today the videos of our three plenary presentations and our final plenary which was a panel discussion.

Without further ado:

Ben Sand (Trauma and Youth) (actually starts at 28:33, our camera guy got a little eager to start recording!)

Leroy Barber (Trauma and Race) (starts at 17:35 - we like our rolling starts around here apparently).

Dr. Dave Kinzie (Psychology of Trauma) and our final Panel Plenary: The Many Faces of Trauma (Dr. Kinzie's starts at 11:05, while the plenary panel session starts around 1:09:30)