New Wine Church Panel - "Trauma in Foster Care: Building Resilience In Foster Kids and Parents" at Imago Dei - Friday March 17th 1-3pm

By Derrick Peterson

New Wine, New Wineskins is continuing to host a series of forums, partnering with local churches in the greater Portland area in the weeks and months ahead in our endeavor to foster a constructive dialogue on faith and science. This pursuit is bound up with Multnomah Biblical Seminary's grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that is being overseen by New Wine. This year our major theme is focusing on Trauma and Resilience in all of its many aspects, bound up with our March 18th conference of the same title.

Trauma can often dig its deepest when it occurs during the impressionable stages of our youth. Losing one's parents, moving from different schools, living in an unstable environment - all of these are issues that can break a child's world and cause difficulties well into adulthood. What can we do? What has research shown to be the current best practices? What is the science behind foster care, and how can this dialogue with theology and faith? This panel will address these questions not only for many who are already part of the foster care system and want to learn more, or perhaps build greater networks of support and communication. But this panel is also open to anyone who wants to learn more about foster care, how to help those already in the system, and how we as a church can be better at coming together as a community for children in need.

In our conversations with Imago, we mutually came to the conclusion that an intended outcome of this session would be resourcing, equipping, and training regarding best strategies and meaningful support for foster children who have been through trauma, as well as creating an environment for networking between families and others who can give support.

Join us Friday March 17th from 1-3pm at Imago Dei Church (1302 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR, 97214) for a panel on trauma in the foster care system. On the panel will be Kimberly Konkel, (Associate Director for Health, Washington D.C.), Reverend Chris Haughee (Evangelical Covenant Church, Doctor of Ministry Candidate), Mike Pinkerton (part of the foster care system at Imago), and it will be moderated by New Wine's Director, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. We hope to have an extensive Q&A time in which members of the audience already part of Imago's foster care community, DHS, Embrace Oregon, among others, will have an opportunity to add their stories of struggles and triumphs to help shape the conversation.

We hope you can make it!