The Kingdom of God and Cosmic Salvation - An Audio Presentation by Dr. Brad Harper

Intro by Derrick Peterson

Why care for creation, if God is going to burn it all down and recreate it anyway? Especially if our goal is merely saving souls? These two arguments have been cemented into habits of thought for many American Christians over the last century. However, not only is this poor theology, it is hardly representative of the vast history of Christian thought on the matter--for which care of God's creation was seen as part of the original mandate of Adam and, perhaps even more importantly, was part of the renewal seen in the eschatological Kingdom of God. Our Associate Director, Dr. Brad Harper gave a presentation on New Wine's behalf at Multnomah University's Global Missions Conference - "Creation Care and the Kingdom of God." Here Dr. Harper shows that being aware of how the gospel orients us to the Kingdom of God, which is already and not yet, also implicates how Christians should relate to the natural world around us.

Enjoy! [Audio starts at 1:15]