New Wine Church Panel - "Bridging Troubled Waters: A Forum on Anxiety and Depression" at Gateway Church -- Wednesday Jan. 25th 7-9 PM

By Derrick Peterson

New Wine, New Wineskins is continuing to host a series of forums at local churches in the greater Portland area in the weeks and months ahead in our endeavor to foster a constructive dialogue on faith and science. This pursuit is bound up with Multnomah Biblical Seminary's grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that is being overseen by New Wine. This year our major theme is focusing on Trauma and Resilience in all of its many aspects.

Our forum last April at Gateway church, Holistic Responses to Mental Illness, was so popular we thought as part of this series on Trauma and Resilience we should have a sequel of sorts. During this time of year especially, problems like anxiety, depression, and suicide increase by alarming rates. How do we as individuals, as churches, and even as a wider community come together to help those suffering? How are we to even understand these things?

Our first forum is scheduled again at Gateway church Wednesday, January 25th from 7-9pm in order to provide another panel discussion, as well as a space for you to ask questions and interact on these difficult and pressing topics. Joining New Wine's Director Paul Louis Metzger (Ph.D., Theology), who will be serving as moderator, will be the following panelists: Tom Schiave (M.Div.), Senior Pastor at Gateway Church, Gary Lovejoy (Ph.D., Psychology),  Katelan Hostetler (M.A. Counseling), LifeQuest NW Counselor, and Robert Potter (M.D., Ph.D.), formerly Chair of the Bioethics Study Group, former Assistant Director at the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care, and who presently serves as one of Multnomah Seminary's science advisers.

Anxiety and depression are monsters that can rear their heads and affect our lives or the lives of those we love suddenly and unexpectedly. Moreover, many of us don't truly understand what it is to suffer from anxiety or depression, and often don't know how to help--or, what is worse, don't know how to tell when help is needed. While this forum will only be able to scratch the surface of a complex and timely topic, we hope it provides a catalyst and a resource aiding these discussions in our churches today.

Gateway Church is located at 13300 NE San Rafael St Portland, OR, 97230.

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