New Wine, New Wineskins Fall Retreat: Come Join Us to Dialogue About Key Issues of Faith and Science At the Beautiful Oregon Coast!

By Derrick Peterson

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Lectures, books, and podcasts are all great (or have the opportunity to be, at least).  They inform us, entertain us, and cause us to think.  But sometimes what we need most is a time to just sit down, have a good meal, and discuss the issues with one another. And if some renowned experts on the topics of concern are there having meals and discussions with us, well that is a bonus heap of cherries on top of the Sunday (or whatever, pick your favorite topping).

At our recent Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good conference we had a bunch of wonderful speakers addressing a number of topics regarding not just faith and science, but how the church, theologians, pastors, and scientists can all come together and partner for the common good. Often the best result of conferences aren't necessarily the answers given, but the new and exciting questions raised. This conference was no different:  From questions about faith, science, and trauma, to reconsidering the history of Christianity and science, to issues of mental health, urban planning, the variety of new ways of seeing and asking questions of the world seemed endless.

As Fall approaches, so too does New Wine's annual Fall retreat held at Twin Rock's Friends Camp at the beautiful Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast September 9th-11th.  Our retreats are always an amazing time for those curious about New Wine, and this year is stacking up to be no exception.  We will be continuing our discussions on all things faith and science related.  We will be joined by Dr. Robert Potter (Senior Scholar for the Center for Ethics in Healthcare, OHSU), Dr. Steven Kolmes (Director of Environmental Studies and Rev. John Molter, C.S.C Chair in Science at the University of Portland) among many others including New Wine's Director Dr. Paul Louis Metzger (Professor of Christian Theology and Culture, Multnomah Seminary) and our Assistant Director Dr. Brad Harper (Professor of Bible and Theology, Multnomah University, author of the recent co-author of Space at the Table with his son, Drew Harper), and many others who will not only be presenting, but will be available the whole weekend to hang out, have conversations, and generally have a good time with everyone!

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