Dr. John M. Perkins speaking at Multnomah University and Westside: A Jesus Church, June 8th and 9th.

By Derrick Peterson

This summer, as part of our Doctor of Ministry program at Multnomah Seminary, New Wine is proud to announce that the esteemed Dr. John M. Perkins will be giving presentations open to the public Wednesday June 8th, and Thursday June 9th, 2016.  June 8th will be here at Multnomah University in our Student Center (building 8 if you follow the link to the map), starting at 6:30pm and going to 8pm.  It is free to the public, so bring your friends!  All we ask is that you register here so our set-up and coffee crew know how many people to expect (feel free to register for any of the other speakers coming as well!)

In addition to this, New Wine is proud to partner with Westside: A Jesus Church to have Dr. Perkins speak at their location from 6:30-8:30pm Thursday June 9th!  This is also free to the public, and no pre-registration is required--come one, come all!

But wait, you might be asking.  Who is Dr. John Perkins?  

Aside from being the subject of the band Switchfoot's song "The Sound (John M. Perkin's Blues)" (and more importantly) Dr. John Perkins is a long time civil rights activist, involved in the late 1960's with black voter registration and school desegregation in Mendenhall, Mississippi.  Eventually arrested by the local police, Perkins was brutally beaten and tortured by them.  Instead of allowing hate to grow in his heart, the event solidified his commitment to evangelical ministry--spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ alongside calls for justice, equity, and above all: reconciliation.

Author of numerous books, he has been so influential that in 2004 Seattle Pacific University opened the John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training, and Community Development.  Indeed Dr. Perkins has been an invaluable inspiration and resource to New Wine's own Director, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger, collaborating together on many occasions, and writing the afterword to Dr. Metzger's 2007 book Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church.

We hope you take advantage of this excellent opportunity to come listen and interact with Dr. Perkins next week!


[Photo Credit: Tony Webster]