Plenary Video Sessions for Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good

Introduction by Derrick Peterson

We had such an amazing time at both Saturdays of our recent Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good conference.  The attendance was fantastic (around 150 people per Saturday!), the energy was high with great questions, and--best of all--people kept their tempers in check even with touchy subjects as we explored them together.

While we will get out the recordings of the workshops (and a few are already up!) here we can provide links to the video of the four plenary sessions!  Here they are without further ado:  (Follow the links over for each video, and you may want to skip forward a bit as the videos start a few minutes before each session).

What is great about these videos is that the slides used for each are included!  In the bottom right hand of the video player, there is an option to toggle what is prominent on the screen: the speaker or their notes!

Dr. Se Kim "Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good" with introductory presentation on conference themes by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger.

Dr. Rod Stiling "Rethinking the History of Faith and Science." 

Dr. John Walton, "Hermeneutical Humility and Origins in Genesis."

Dr. Peter Dodson "Faith, Theology, and Scientific Method" (also with lots of Dinosaurs!) with closing presentation and conference summary by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. 

All four talks sparked a lot of discussion and a lot of people had really great things to say about them, and we are sure you will find them worth your time!