Five Scientifically Grounded Reasons to Attend Our Upcoming Conference

By John Lussier

This Saturday (April 16) and next Saturday (April 23) New Wine, New Wineskins: the Institute for the Theology of Culture at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, in partnership with the American Association for the Advancement of Science , is hosting a conference we’re calling Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good. (Wow. That was a mouthful.)

I’m incredibly excited for the conference, speakers, and workshops we’re going to be having on campus at Multnomah University, and wanted to highlight a couple of things to look forward to. If you haven’t registered yet, get on it. Already we’ve got 100+ students, pastors, scientists, and home-makers, teachers, lay people, and more that will be joining with us.

#1 Hearing from scientists like paleontologist Peter Dodson about the integration of their faith and science. Buzzfeed recently asked several scientists how their faith and scientific work together, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from top leaders in their field talk about how Jesus matters to them as scientists.

#2 Learning more about the history of faith and science from historians like Rod Stiling. The story we often hear today is that science and faith are at war with one another. What if I told you instead that for the bulk of history Christianity has been an inspiring and foundational part of the best of scientific work?

#3 Engaging with professors, students, and friends of Multnomah University like Joshua Stager, a pastor from Canby Alliance Church and a former Scholar-Practitioner of Physics at Warner Pacific College. Stager will be working with us on use of statistics in science, helping us understand the role of statistics in scientific research.

#4 Getting the chance to hear from the incredible Dr. John Walton of Wheaton College on interpreting Genesis 1, and the theological meaning within the text. You might know Dr. Walton from his work on the Old Testament. He is one of many incredible plenary speakers we are having at Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good.

#5 Lunch! I’m definitely looking forward to sitting down for a meal with all of the folks above and getting to know them a little more around a meal. This is of course included in the price of the conference.

There are a bunch more reasons to look forward to the conference. Go checkout, register, and then share with your friends. Come both Saturdays, or only one. Hope to see you there!