New Wine Forum "Urban Planning: Unintended Consequences" at Life Change Church Wednesday April 27th, 7:00-8:30 PM

By Derrick Peterson

New Wine, New Wineskins is hosting a series of forums at local churches in the Greater Portland area in the weeks and months ahead in our endeavor to foster a constructive dialogue on faith and science. This pursuit is bound up with Multnomah Biblical Seminary's grant from the American Association for the Advancement of Science that is being overseen by New Wine.  In addition to these forums, the public is encouraged to join New Wine for our upcoming conference "Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good" (April 16th and 23rd) at Multnomah University.

New Wine is partnering with Life Change Church for one such forum on Wednesday April 27th from 7:00-8:30 PM in order to provide a panel discussion for those affected by or interested in the unintended consequences of urban planning.  Joining New Wine's Director Paul Louis Metzger (Ph.D.), who will be serving as co-moderator with David Greenidge (Pastor, Tigard Covenant Church), the panelists will include: Ed Washington (Global Diversity & Inclusion, Portland State University), Owen Gabbert (Creative Real Estate, Portland), Mark Strong (D.Min.) Senior Pastor at Life Change Church, Steve Kolmes (Ph.D.), Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Professor of Biology, and occupant of the Rev. John Molter, C.S.C., Chair in Science at the University of Portland, who also serves as one of the science advisers for Multnomah Seminary through AAAS' grant.

Urban planning is a complex reality that is no doubt usually intended to bring about much good to the surrounding community.  However, there are often unintended consequences bound up with it that include such things as displacement of various individuals and subcultures related to gentrification.  Thus there are negative cascading effects that can be bound up with urban planning and are often unforeseen, but which must be accounted for in assessing the impact of attempting to improve neighborhoods and communities.  The forum participants will account for Portland's history and the present state of urban planning and its effects, especially in North Portland.

Life Change Church is located at 3635 N Williams Ave. Portland, Or 97227

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