Upcoming New Wine, New Wineskins Events!

A thousand years might be like just a day to the Lord; for the rest of us, though, calendars are a must!  Check out a few upcoming dates and events courtesy of New Wine, New Wineskins.  We would love to have you, so if you are in the Portland area, come on by!


February 12th (12pm-1pm Seminary Building TL 227):  Dr. Jon Robertson, author of Christ as Mediator will present on “The Place of Aesthetics in Science and Theology.”

February 23rd-25th: Global Missions Conference (New Wine Buddhist Dialogue event Wednesday the 24th at 1pm; Plenary session for conference 7pm Wednesday night)

February 26th at Noon: Join us in the Seminary Conference room for a Table Talk session (meaning: hot topics, New Wine updates, prayer requests, opportunities to get involved)!

March 11th (12pm-1pm Seminary Building TL 227): Dr. Rebecca Josberger will present on “Reading Genesis With Ancient Eyes”

April 1st Noon: Join us for a Table Talk in the Seminary Conference Room!

April 15th (12pm-1pm) Dr. Joshua Swamidass will present on “Living Missionally in Scientific Communities”

April 16th-23rd Church and Science: Partners for the Common Good conference (follow the link over to see our amazing speaker line-up!)

April 22nd (12pm-1pm Seminary Building TL 227 -tentative-) Dr. Sameer Yadav, author of  The Problem of Perception and the Perception of God will give a presentation helping us think through "what exactly does it mean to perceive God?"

May 7th: If you are in the Seattle area (or itching for a road trip) Paul Louis Metzger will be doing a book reading of Evangelical Zen at Elliot Bay Book Company!