Overcoming Racial Divides and Creating Multi-Ethnic Churches: A Conversation between Paul Louis Metzger and Mark DeYmaz on the Mosaix 2016 Conference

Introduction by Derrick Peterson

Today more than ever it seems our country is increasingly polarized. No longer about one or two issues, it seems on nearly everything there is a parting of the ways. This has not left churches unaffected. In fact, recent studies show that churches are often some of the most segregated populations. Paul Louis Metzger (Director of New Wine, and a keynote speaker at Mosaix this year) and Mark DeYmaz (author, founder of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas) recently had a discussion on this topic, and why they are both so excited for the upcoming Mosaix 2016 conference, which they hope will help foster resources to not only overcome ethnic divides, but will serve as a positive step forward in healing many of the divides that explicitly and implicitly affect our gospel witness.