Cultural Encounters Volume 11 Preview: A Sense of Wonder in Art and Faith--An Interview with Makoto Fujimura

We here at New Wine, New Wineskins are proud to announce that the newest issue (Volume 11, No.1) of our academic journal, Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture is out!

To wet your appetite, here is a free preview of Paul Louis Metzger's interview with Makoto Fujimura, a wonderful artist trained in Japan and the United States, on how both art and faith can communicate a sense of wonder about the world.  This is especially important as more and more we tend to cut up our world into little pieces to try and understand it.  "Reductionism is important" says Fujimura, "so I don't want to mislead and say all reductionism is problematic."  Nonetheless "I liken [reductionism] to cutting up a frog and stitching it back together, and expecting it to jump again."  As such, "I take Ezra Pound's adage that 'artists are like the canary in the coal mine of culture.' ... artists are instinctively uncomfortable in a fragmented, segmented reality.  I always also say, 'Art is completely useless; therefore art is essential.' Art is essential for the thriving of humanity."

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